Spread the Positivity!

Negativity is something that spreads just as quickly as happiness or optimism, it is also something that sometimes shows up even more then happiness or optimism shows up. In our world today people throw around negative comments and thoughts so easily. I see it so much, people telling others to,”go die.” or “you know, you’re kinda fat.” I absolutely detest this. Even if people mean it as a joke, there will always be people (MEEEEEEEEEE) who, in their bad moments, this will keep popping into their head. When they are trying to be confident about themselves suddenly they think, that one person told me that they don’t like the way I look. It completes tears us down.  (more…)


Bringing Yourself Up Without Pulling Yourself Down

Something I’ve noticed is that people set a goal for themselves but if they don’t reach that goal, even if they are close, they will really kick themselves down for it. I don’t see t9b92bd5727275e60b03a81fe540af82che point in that. Yes, it will make you want to do better next time but what about right now? How do you feel in that moment? Not too good, right? Ask yourself why you are doing this to yourself?

I used to do this too, but that was before I had one of my falls. Well, more then a fall it was like I was slapped in the face by reality. After reality gave me his hand and pulled me up I realized a few things; one of these things is that you should celebrate your accomplishments. (more…)