About Me

Hola! I’m Little Miss Blogger, or Cocoa for short. I’m just a normal girl walking through this maze called life, looking for the right path. I’ve been wandering for a long while, not really looking for a path, just walking, stumbling, picking myself up and moving on. Recently I tripped over a boulder because I was too busy looking up at a beautiful sunset and I fell. Hard. I’ve started to pick myself up now, brushing off the dust and putting band aids on my scraped knees. But that’s life right? You stumble, you fall, you pick yourself up and you keep walking. After I fell I realized that this is just a small boulder that I’m going to trip over, as I keep wandering through this maze and even when I find the right path I’ll trip over a boulder, fall into a hole or land on my nose because I stepped on my shoe lace. So when I fall I need to keep looking for the positive, no matter how rough the path seems. My goal for this blog and myself is to help you pick yourself up after you fall. I really hope I can help.

~ Little Miss Blogger xoxo