Spread the Positivity!

Negativity is something that spreads just as quickly as happiness or optimism, it is also something that sometimes shows up even more then happiness or optimism shows up. In our world today people throw around negative comments and thoughts so easily. I see it so much, people telling others to,”go die.” or “you know, you’re kinda fat.” I absolutely detest this. Even if people mean it as a joke, there will always be people (MEEEEEEEEEE) who, in their bad moments, this will keep popping into their head. When they are trying to be confident about themselves suddenly they think, that one person told me that they don’t like the way I look. It completes tears us down. 

I know it’s not just me. I’ve had to comfort friends that, “No! Your hair looks great! Don’t believe what they said.” After some person told them that the new look that they really liked was ugly. I strongly live by the saying, “If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Yes, you are allowed to say anything you want if you live in a country which allows freedom of speech, but does that mean you have to say it? Why say something when you know it’s going to hurt someone? If you really want to say something, say something nice! Compliment someone! It can completely change the way someone views them self. 

Try to give at least 3 compliments to 3 different people in a day. Spread the positive energy the way you would spread confetti. Throw it in all directions and at everyone. Make sure everyone gets some to throw too. It’s really not that hard, energy tends to have a ripple effect. If you spread the negative energy to one person they pass it on to another person and that person spreads it to another person. Same thing goes for positive energy, one person starts it, many share it.

But don’t forget, there are many ways to share positive energy, compliments aren’t the only way, there are jokes which don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, telling someone that you love them, just carrying on a pleasant conversation, making people laugh and doing something you love with people who like it too. Go out today and make friends, smile when you make eye contact, start the day with an energetic good morning. Try not to be overwhelming though. Not everyone is going to appreciate that, instead try taking a more pleasant approach, especially in the morning. People are tired and grumpy, try to make them feel better. I know that I’m not a morning person but I try to smile and say good morning to everyone any way. Having someone else smile and tell me a joke in the morning really does help.

Let’s make our world a happier one and replace all the negative energy with positive energy. Spread the positivity, spread the confetti and spread the smiles! 😀

~Little Miss Blogger xoxo



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