Bringing Yourself Up Without Pulling Yourself Down

Something I’ve noticed is that people set a goal for themselves but if they don’t reach that goal, even if they are close, they will really kick themselves down for it. I don’t see t9b92bd5727275e60b03a81fe540af82che point in that. Yes, it will make you want to do better next time but what about right now? How do you feel in that moment? Not too good, right? Ask yourself why you are doing this to yourself?

I used to do this too, but that was before I had one of my falls. Well, more then a fall it was like I was slapped in the face by reality. After reality gave me his hand and pulled me up I realized a few things; one of these things is that you should celebrate your accomplishments. (more…)



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Hi, I’m so glad you took a moment out of your day to check out my blog! I’m Little Miss Blogger or Cocoa for short. I started this blog just to share about life. You know, all the little things, staying positive, smiling and giving hugs during hard times. I’ve been going through some big changes in my life recently so I realized just how important it is to have a positive attitude whilst diving head first into life.

I have lots of hopes and dreams for this blog but its main goal is to sprinkle something positive or inspiring into your life every now and then. I’ll be posting about things that I find interesting, book reviews, loving yourself, feminism, happiness, enjoying life and much, much more. Anyways, I’ll let you get back to your life, I just wanted to let you know that my blog is here in this vast ocean that is the internet.


~ Little Miss Blogger